What up everyone, it’s Chris and Devon with our powers combined we form Creatives on Clearance, a couple of guys who are all about staying fly on a budget. You can learn how to dress just by checking our fresh, you can also get some tips on how to find, style, and alter your clothing so you’re not the freshest guy buying a 10 pack of maruchan noodles cause you spent all your duckets on a pair of balmain jeans. Rather than go into a long post about the both of us we decided to just hit you with a short intro interview style. 

  1. who are you?
    C: What it be, I’m Chris I take the pictures that make the whole world sing

    D: My name is Devon I'm dedicated dad and a design freak
  2. what do you do?
    C: I’m a fashion and portrait photographer, i’m also a cat daddy that cat daddies

    D: I'm a freelance designer with a love for fashion and creativity
  3. why do dress like you do?
    C: I grew up on hip hop, got older and subscribed to GQ

    D: I dress like this to express myself as an individual. I’m naturally self conscious, having come to this understanding, I strive everyday to improve. By placing my "best foot forward" I hold myself in greater respect as I live my day to day and teach my son life lessons. 

    C: Damn dude, that was deep, I'm just trying to look cool...
  4. how would you describe your style
    C: Former sneaker head with an occasional relapse

    D: Depends on what side of the bed I wake up on. Typically I prefer a more causal style i.e. dress shirt and wing tips and I also intertwine street wear
  5. whose your style influence? 
    C: My man crush everyday is David Beckham

    D: I have many different sources of inspiration. Style blog and vlogs, magazines, and even people on the street help me visualize a concept of what I want to wear
  6. how have you influenced each other? 
    C: I tidy it up when I know I’m going to be around Devon, I can’t be out here slipping he already has better game than I do (I have approximately 0 game)

    D: Chris has helped me not only in the fashion realm but also in the design field in general. With his street inspired viewpoints he helps me think outside of the box when it comes to how I want an outfit to look 

Co-founder of C.O.C. a fashion, portrait, and lifestyle photographer based in Colorado. I like cats, whiskey, and music if you want to win my heart.