Hat - Obey | Sold out but similar

Jacket - Boohoo | Sold out but similiar

Shirt - Pac Sun

Jeans - Pac Sun

Shoes - Converse Chuck Taylor

Jason Markk Shoe Cleaner

It takes a brave man to go explore places with all white chucks but thats why I fucks with Devon, he was the one who went down to make sure the ice was good. I followed his lead as is often the case and we ended up with some dope shots and this time it didn't involve alcohol. One last thing YOU GOT TO KNOW if you're into sneakers in any way at all you have to cop some Jason Markk shoe cleaner to keep you right after running through bushes and sliding on ice. 

Model/Stylist: Devon

Photographer: Chris

Co-founder of C.O.C. a fashion, portrait, and lifestyle photographer based in Colorado. I like cats, whiskey, and music if you want to win my heart.