Back for the First Time

RIGHT BACK LIKE WE LEFT SOMETHING! I want to again apologize for that brief respite we had, life was holding me down but we back in it again. I got a new place, a new (to me) car, and a renewed energy. I want to say how much I appreciate Devon who made sure to keep hitting me up so this didn't just fall off. We met up last week and we got a quick shoot in to get back in it. I'm about to steal this whole outfit myself,  I'm still a sneaker head at heart but I'm 31 in a couple months, and as you get older you don't want to dress the same way you did in high school but many people think you have to go full on business casual 24/7. Naw you can still be grown up and show your kicks off. Devon shows you a good way to rock them. 

Jacket - Members Only
Sweater - H&M
Shirt - Express
Jeans - Gap
Shoes- New Balance

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