Business Caj on Clearance

Business Caj on Clearance

Hey so...thats me lol. Normally I'm behind the camera but I ended up on the other side this time. This post is about rocking it business casual, my day job (hire me so I can leave it) recently switched up the dress code; so 5 days a week I have to step it up, no more throwing the first t shirt in my dresser and my levi's on for those lazy days when I wake up 10 minutes before it's time to go.

One thing I like to do is treat my denim jacket like a blazer replacement, it dresses down the look a bit while still giving me spring layer options so I'm not wearing what looks to be a suit everyday, I even rock a pocket square so I always have something on hand to clean my glasses and wipe the sweat off my forehead, like Nick Offerman says always keep a hanky (nsfw). 

Today's fit I didn't pay retail for not one single thing, even the socks were on sale from Target. Now I will normally splurge on shoes within reason as they take care of you but again if you know what to look for you can find gems. These particular Dexter long wings were purchased some years back on ebay for about $50, the timex as well, the leather strap I got on amazon for like 5 bucks. Everything else I copped on sale except for the tie which was a secret santa gift some years back. 

Not only am I going to list where I got everything but to the best of my memory list how much I paid for everything I'm rocking. 

Sunglasses - Generic Amazon Joints - "always on sale but really this is the price" - $10
Jacket - 21 Men - Sale - $20
Shirt - Express - 40% off - $35
Tie - Uniqlo - Gift - $0
Pants - HM Slim Chinos - Clearance - $7
Watch - Timex - Ebay $15
Socks - Clearance - Target - $3
Shoes - Dexter - Ebay $50

Hope you enjoyed it, let us know in the comments below if you were feeling it or if you think I should stay my ass behind the camera!

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