Devon Talks DIY


What up guys, we got a guest post from Devon Co Creator here at COC, between work, personal projects, and moving to a new spot we haven't had time to shoot, so Devon cooked up a post to save my bacon from slacking off. Check him out!!

- Chris

Hey guys this is Devon the co creator here at @creativesonclearance. On behalf on Chris and I I'd like to apologize for the last couple weeks, we are getting it together and will be running like a smooth running machine in no time. This week is just going to highlight some bargain finds along with some diy.

This outfit cost around 50.00 checkered dress shirt was 14.99 from express along with a 10.00 skinny tie. Now along with h&m's great pricing comes the opportunity to help the community and save some dollars; for every two grocery bags filled with old clothing donated they will give you two 15% off coupons. Gap jeans are currently in my rotation for this year. The stretch, quality, and overall nostalgia of the jeans makes it very hard to pass. Since gap can be pricier I keep a close eye for any sales these I was able to pick up for 39.99. Last but not least is my old man cardigan I was able to pick up also from express. Express can be also be somewhat pricy for some including myself however their sales can be a great come up. This was purchased on a 40 percent sale and came out to $25.

As an ectomorph I have a hard time finding clothes that fit. Too tall for a small yet not big enough for a medium my clothing selection has been very limited. Find a great tailor or in my case I picked up a cheap sewing machine off Craigslist. Tapering my jeans by about an inch and a half up helps them wrap around my ankles and stack better especially when wearing any type of boots. Buying a medium sized dress shirt and tapering the sides and arms to get rid of the extra baggage is a must and helps give a more aesthetically pleasing look.

I apologize for the photo quality this is just a pic I pulled from my IG generally we have the master photographer (he's talking about me! - Chris) but this week we were running behind. As we move into the summer months we will be implementing more soft cotton blends and will of course keep you posted with the most up to date techniques and trends. Please feel free to drop feedback (both positive and negative) requests or comments. Thank you again for the support


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