Essentials AKA What's in my bag

Essentials AKA What's in my bag

When I asked Devon what he wanted to say about his daily essentials he simple said "Travel light yet effective" He keeps it pretty simple, with a brown leather bag you can see him rock in our last post. You gotta have the notebook on decky for sketching and ideas. He also keeps sticky notes which came handy that same day when we met someone asking about what we up to looking like weirdos taking pictures by a window and was able to pass on the website since we haven't decided upon card designs yet. HI MIKE! 

A copy of Graphic Design USA to both inspire and intimidate, and of course the electronics, you gotta have an ipad and iphone if you're going to be a true creative right? Last but not least hand sanitizer because dad.  Not included but needed, wood floor to make your flat lay picture look good. 

Up next we have my bag, this isn't my day to day but it's what I carry on a blog shoot day. Since we mostly shoot natural light for the blog I don't carry any lighting unless I know we're going to shoot later in the day. 95% of the site is shot with my Fuji XE-2/35mm f/2 combo. I also have a Nikon 50mm f1.4 on deck for portraits and close detail shots, and of course back up batteries are a must. My GET SHIT DONE notebook came from the welcome fellow workshop which I whole heartedly enjoyed, shout out to Jeremy Worley. I just got some new business cards in for my own work and site, always on deck cause you never know who you might run into. Ipad air, and I GOT TWO PHONES, ONE FOR THE HOES AND ONE FOR THE DOUGH!! OK in reality, i dropped one and I had it on me cause I wanted to see how much it would cost to get fixed but I figure why not flex on the blog?! I use google voice for my business number so I can tell who is who and not have to carry two phones. I carry everything in an Ona Brixton, expensive but sometimes you gotta splurge and when you're carrying expensive gear you want to make sure it's protected and it helps that it's a black owned business. 

This is what we have on a random shoot day, but I think we'll have more in the future to show you what we do to plan shoots, get inspiration, and maybe my editing set up if people are interested in that one please let us know via email or comments. See you guys next week and tell a friend to tell a friend. 

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