Great Style Steals: Nick Wooster

Nick Wooster da gawd! Self titled free agent, Nick Wooster is the darling of street style photographers everywhere and had jobs with damn near everyone. I’ve been asked a few times by people who want to step their clothing game up how to get started. I always say first find someone whose style you like then copy and adapt. One of the mainstays of my transformation from ill fitting loud sneaker buying ne'er-do-well was Nick Wooster. He’s very adventurous with his wardrobe and while I’m not up to par in that department I have used his pics in the past to look for pieces I would like. I apologize in advance for these old pictures, peep the hair these are at about 5 or so years old but I use them to help illustrate the point.

The grey flannel vest swag jack

First things first I poppa freaks all the I mean find pieces you like, for example this flannel vest he’s rocking. I don’t remember how many years ago I finally got one that was in my price range but I do recall it was during a lands end sale where I got it for $50 bucks. Find what you like then find it in your price range.


Wow straight x-copy, I guess we all start somewhere. 

Swagger jacking ahoy! You must crawl before you walk and sometimes that is stealing an entire fit. Fun fact that pea coat is a JCP brand from when Woost god as he’s affectionately known in these internet streets was design director there. I didn’t like the original black buttons and replaced them with some gold anchor joints from Hobby Lobby. Nothing wrong with a little swagger jacking just make sure you evolve and make it your own. You will learn about yourself as you do so, like for me I don’t like how I look in horizontal stripes so I no longer own this sweater, those boots are always on deck for snowy work days. The peacoat is still going strong years later and is in my regular rotation.

I'm pretty sure Jordans go with everything, when in doubt wear J's 

Check the suit cuffs, tie bar and matching watch strap with the signature Thom Browne colors

Me not looking nearly as cool in a random bathroom 4 or 5 years ago rocking the Thom Browne x Target blazer

This last example goes into inspiration territory no longer just picking a piece that I like from a picture I found. While learning about Nick I discovered Thom Browne, a menswear company he used to work at; Nick still often wears their pieces, known for their cropped jackets and pants I’m personally too tall (read:broke) to rock it but learning about them I found about the collab Neiman Marcus and Target had a few years back. I loved the look of the blazer, and tracked one down for a decent price I wanna say I got it about $70. I wear it for special occasions or when I’m just feeling myself. Seeing this picture now makes me want to break it out , new fit post featuring this blazer soon? I use this example to show how one can use someone whose style they admire and assimilate into their own.

Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

While I can’t wear some of Nick’s wilder pieces such as these on sale now, I can admire how he puts together fits, and add pieces into my wardrobe that I feel I can pull off. Wooster has been an innovator over the years, what he was doing for JcPenney in 2013 before they decided to switch directions back into shapeless menswear, Target is now doing with Goodfellow and Co, so much so I had to google to make sure he wasn’t involved.

Find your own inspiration, swag jack them, assimilate their style, make it your own, I’m curious who you plan to steal from, hit the comments, I’m always looking for a new lick!

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