It's Bootsy Baby

It's Bootsy Baby

Bag - Aldo

Jacket - Zara

Sweater - Express

Shirt - Express

Tie - 21 Men

Jeans - Gap

Boots - Guess

First we showed you how to rock a lazy sunday, now it's a busy saturday, running errands, doing shoot and edits for me while these two had to hit the store for a birthday party later but there's always time on a beautiful day to hit the park. Ties don't automatically mean formal, you can dress up a casual look whenever you feel like showing the ladies you too have access to google and 10 minutes to practice. Side note, I'm jealous of this jacket Devon is rocking from Zara, adding texture to what would normally be a regular outfit. Leather chukkas on the feet make the cypher complete for a day stuntin' on everyone at the bday party. 



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