Orange you glad?

Orange you glad?

Did I ever mention I like puns? Well I do! Shout out to Piers Anthony and the ongoing Xanth series, a fun read for any pun lovers out there. That aside we're back one mo 'gin this time I caught Devon before he hit the day job (we're both working on making those go away, we're for hire guys lol), thinking of a master plan we have a bunch of things in store for all you C.O.C readers out there! 

One thing you will notice is that we love our Express, never ever ever, pay retail for Express, if you wait long enough there will always be a crazy sale for something like 40% off, I just came up myself on a couple of shirts the day we shot this. I also think some people overlook Kohl's but you can find some good shoes there like Devon did, I myself got a pair of bucks, and my go to boots this winter from Kohl's, you never know when you might find a gem there. 

Peep the polka dot socks as well, a small pattern amongst all the solids, orange is a bright color so you don't want to overdo it but you can still show some personality and have people looking at your ankles like it was the 1800s. Don't be afraid of bold bright color, especially men of color, the main color in most black men's skin is orange so they go well together. 

What are your favorite go to bright colors to rock? let us know in the comments!

Outfit Details

Sweater/Shirt - Express

Jeans - Gap

Shoes - Apt 9 

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