TheWorleyCo - Colorado Hats

I came across these hats on instagram while trying to learn about the local creative community, as someone recently trying to turn photography into a full time endeavor (hire me guys) I had to plug into the scene which I have started to do, meeting some great people. Because of that I learned about Welcome Fellow a co-working coffee shop which will be discussed in detail in the future!

Through that I was able to learn about The Workshop which I was able to attend, and Jeremey Worley who headed the workshop and created these hats which are fire! It's all in the details which are some of my favorite things to shoot when doing COC posts and the details on these hats are great, Worley Co tags "GOODS THAT DO GOOD" The leather strap just takes it up a notch from your regular ol snapback that I would normally rock. The gold latch and enclosure all class this hat up, I feel like Chance the rapper would rock this with a suit. 


My bad!!! So as of the time of this post the only place you can cop is Welcome Fellow where they are doing a crazy huge spring sale. If you are in Colorado make your way down to the shop at 616 N. Tejon St, 80903 and tell them Chris sent you; you won't get anything because of that I'm just curious if anyone will do it.

In the future you will be able to cop online again from Jeremy's online store for all you Colorado expats out there, but for now anyone in town/state should go to Welcome Fellow get a hat and some of the other dope Colorado gear that Jeremy has for sale. I personally was able to pick up the last color way I needed of the 3 hats, which I will not call Cav's but instead Gryfinddor colors, as well as the softest hoodie I have ever felt, it was one size too big and I didn't care, I'll rock it in the crib and 1Am walmart runs forever, I also got a pair of Colorado socks which best believe you will see me rock in a future fit post. 

Go support local and cop these dope hats asap!

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