We Back

WOW! It's been a long time, we shouldn't have left you, without some dope fits to flex to.

Summer was a blow up for the blog, between weddings on Devon's side, traveling on my side, then just straight life circumstances we found it hard to meet up for the blog but we always knew it was coming back. We sat down recently and talked about how we plan to going forward so it isn't so reliant on just him I plan to get in front of the lens, as well as both of us writing articles to turn this into something of a lifestyle blog. Basically instead of just being how cool we are it will be look how cool we are ;) 

We will of course be doing fit posts, but also more diy posts, posts focused on stores, how/where we shop. Brands we love and why, going beyond a few; dare I say, amazing photos, and an inspirational quality write up. We want to show you why you should fuck with us. I personally also want to start posting about my fashion and life inspirations because we are both eclectic people let's show you the diversity. Look forward to 2018, and now without further ado...

Co-founder of C.O.C. a fashion, portrait, and lifestyle photographer based in Colorado. I like cats, whiskey, and music if you want to win my heart.